ONIX Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston

Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston

Moving in or out of an apartment or house is a lot of work. For starters, you’ll have to worry about putting your belongings in the right place, which often takes weeks or months to accomplish.

However, cleaning is also a significant part of moving. It can be hard to get it done, especially with other responsibilities you must sort out.

That’s where Onix move in and move out cleaning service in Boston comes in.


What is Move-In and Move Out Cleaning?

How can Onix Cleaning help us manage a comprehensive move with their move in and move out cleaning service in Boston?

Check out how our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, Massachusetts can help save time and effort when moving in and out.

A family moving into a new home with a baby in a cardboard box after they move in.


The move-in cleaning service focuses on preparing the space for the tenants before they move into their new house. A new place opens new opportunities.

While your new place may have already been cleaned by previous tenants or the landlord, hiring our move-in cleaning service can help give you peace of mind, knowing that you left the laborious task of high quality cleaning in the hands of professionals.

Newlyweds moving into a new home.


On the other hand, the move-out cleaning service ensures that your apartment or house is close to its original condition as a courtesy to new owners or to increase the property’s value.

If you’re considering moving cleaning services, you can’t go wrong with Onix Cleaning. After all, we may be the most trusted company for high quality house cleaning in Boston.

Why Choose Our Professional Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston?

Cleaning a whole house or apartment for a move can be a lot of work, especially with all the pressures and stresses of moving.

Hiring efficient move in or move out cleaning service in Boston is a great way to manage that and help you focus on the most important tasks related to your move.

Here’s how our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston can be trusted to help you with these processes:

Three women in blue shirts standing in front of a couch.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

We try to adjust to every client’s schedule during our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, knowing how busy things can get when moving to a new home.

You can easily book any of our house cleaning services, including move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, anytime.

We also accept rebookings and cancellations, which you can easily call in. The schedule change is valid up to 48 hours before the job. You can contact us on the possible schedule arrangements for more information. Book our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston today!

An office cleaning team diligently tidying up the workspace.

Extensive Experience and
High-Quality Service

Our cleaning company has been in business since 2002, cleaning in Boston for its many residents.

Over time, we’ve constantly refined and developed our house cleaning services in Boston, which clients highly recommend.
If you’re looking for a professional-grade cleaning of your new apartment or house or just a move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, Onix Cleaning is one of the best in the Greater Boston area.

A family sitting on the floor in front of moving boxes.

Customized Cleaning Checklist For
Every Home

While we have a standard cleaning checklist as a company, we know each household has its preferences.

When you book your move in and move out cleaning service in Boston with us, we ask about any preferences or concerns you may have and adjust our strategies according to your needs.

Booking our customized cleaning is a great way to tick off a massive chunk of your to-do list when you move to a new place.

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Green Cleaning for Environmentally Conscious Clients

We understand that some households are more environmentally conscious or may have allergic reactions to harsh cleaning products. Fortunately, our house cleaning company provides an eco-friendly option for these households.

You can inform our staff to use these products upon hire so we can provide our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston in an environment-friendly way.

What Does Our Move-In Cleaning Services Include?

While previous owners may have cleaned your new home, you might still feel that the quality isn’t up to par with what you’d like out of a new home. Moving also involves bringing in many appliances and installing cabinets, light fixtures, and other furniture and appliances to make your apartment or house livable.

It can take a lot of time and effort to prepare, especially with the other responsibilities involved before, during, and after your move. That’s where move-in cleaning services come in.

Here’s everything we can do to help you move to your new home quickly and efficiently with our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston.

A woman cleaning a stove in a kitchen before moving out.

Kitchen Cleaning

You’d want to ensure your kitchen is clean and ready to be stocked with all your food.

For our move-in cleaning, we’ll work on all the cabinets and drawers to have them spotless and ready for all your kitchenware.

However, our move-in cleaning doesn’t include heavy lifting, like installing your stove top or refrigerator. We can only clean their surfaces.

A woman cleaning a bathroom with a mop after a move out.
Move-in cleaning services

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are spaces that need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent diseases.

Our professional cleaners can easily clean any surface in your restroom, from the sink and countertops to the showers and toilets.

All your restrooms should be cleaned and dried when we finish our move-in cleaning services.

A woman, move in, putting pillows on a bed.

Bedroom & Living Room Cleaning

The bedroom and living room are important spaces in any apartment or house. We want to ensure your move-in cleaning for that space is the best.

Our team will clean and vacuum the floors and furniture in these spaces to prepare them for your family.

All cabinets will be wiped clean for your different items. You can expect us to wipe all flat surfaces, including coffee tables, dressers, mirrors, door frames, light switches, and more.

However, our move-in cleaning services don’t include installing ceiling fans and light fixtures, as these are not our areas of expertise.

Four women in blue shirts standing in front of a couch ready to move out.

Professional Cleaners Can Meet Your Specific Needs 

Our move-in cleaning services aren’t limited to the ones listed before. We want to ensure you’ll be comfortable in your new home, especially if you will live there for the foreseeable future.

We also provide other services outside of our move-in cleaning package and customize them to your needs.

Here’s a list of services we and our partners can offer to give you the best service possible.

Carpet Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Laundry Service, Pressure Washing, Snow Removal, Tailor Service, Window Cleaners

Since they are outside our move-in cleaning packages, these additional services will cost extra, should you want to hire us for them.

What Does Our Move-Out Cleaning Services Include?

There are many things to consider before you leave your old apartment or house behind. Whether selling the property or returning it to your landlord, you must get it cleaned before leaving.

You should contact a move-out cleaning service like ours to thoroughly clean before leaving for your new residence.

Our move-out cleaning service includes the following services to prepare your previous residence for potential buyers and new tenants.


Deep Cleaning of Kitchen and Appliances

Our move-out cleaning service can prepare your kitchen appliances and items before moving to your new place.

All cabinets are expected to be thoroughly cleaned for the new tenants and will help ensure you don’t leave any important plates or cups behind.

Our move-out cleaning can also include cleaning your appliances before they’re packed and moved out.

However, we don’t carry heavy appliances for your move, as our services do not cover this.

A woman cleaning a glass shower door before a move out.
Move-out cleaning services

Thorough Bathroom Cleaning

Every tenant would want to have clean and comfortable restrooms, especially since it’s where people clean themselves and often go to think or destress.

To prepare the apartment or house for new tenants, our cleaning team is dedicated to deep cleaning your bathroom to meet your move-out cleaning needs.

All cabinets will be cleaned and ready to contain all their necessary items while ensuring you haven’t left any of yours behind.

The move-out cleaning will help make the new place more comfortable for them, even if it was previously your space.

A woman is moving in, placing pillows on a couch.

Bedroom & Living Room Cleaning

Your bedroom and living space are common places where you’ll spend a lot of time. It’ll surely need a good deep clean for new tenants before you leave.
Our move-out cleaning service includes cleaning all the furniture in these spaces.

We’ll wipe down the shelves and ensure it’s spotless before leaving for your new home.
We can clean ceiling fans at specific heights to ensure they won’t spread more dust.

We’ll mop and vacuum your floors, clean your mirrors, and clean your light switches and door frames.

However, for the safety of our team, we avoid cleaning light fixtures, especially if they’re wired in.

An empty garage with two garage doors available for move in or move out.

Garage and Basement Cleaning

Your garage is usually a place where you store many things, from your car to hardware tools.

Commonly, you may have missed something here while packing your belongings.

Our team will ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned before you move to your new place. All shelves, cabinets, and floors will be thoroughly scrubbed and made ready for the next tenant.

After our home cleaning session, you can expect every surface and built-in furniture to be spotless.

A woman sits on a chair in a room with boxes, possibly ready to move out or move in.

Why Is A Comprehensive Clean Important Before You Move In and Out?

When people move in or out of a house or apartment, one of the responsibilities of tenants upon moving out is cleaning the area.

It can be a lot of work, especially for tenants with other responsibilities they must handle on top of the move-in and move-out cleaning.

That’s where hiring home cleaning services can come in handy. Here’s why a comprehensive cleaning is crucial before you move in and out of a house or apartment.

Benefits of A Clean Home Before Moving In

When you move into a new space, you’ll never know what you might encounter. Hiring move-in cleaning services can help you get a more thorough clean before you move in.

It will help address concerns about how well the area was cleaned before you moved in and ensure that experts professionally clean your house.

Our move-in cleaning teams also have the right tools and equipment to ensure that your home cleaning is thorough and will not leave a spot of dust or dirt.

An empty room with large windows overlooking the city, perfect for templates.

Significance of Leaving a Clean Home

When you hire move-out cleaning services, it becomes easier to comply with the contract you signed before moving in. Your old house or apartment should be as good as new to get the security deposit you gave when you entered your rental agreement.

Preparing the place for the next tenant is also courtesy, especially if you’re only renting the place. This will help ensure that the apartment or house won’t get any bad reviews from people looking for a new home.

Not only will the landlord and new tenant appreciate this, but it will also be a great way to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. A move-out cleaning service can help you get a thorough review of the property to ensure that you leave on a high note.

An empty room with hardwood floors, ideal for move in or move out. A staircase adds a touch of elegance to the space.
An empty room with hardwood floors, ideal for move in or move out. A staircase adds a touch of elegance to the space.


About Us

Over time, we’ve become a staple of the Greater Boston community thanks to our services

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Onix Cleaning is a family-owned cleaning service that aims to positively impact the community.

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Our mission is to bring cleanliness to the thousands properties across Boston, Massachusetts.

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We’ve been recommended to many residents of the Greater Boston area for our excellent work.

Our Positive Reviews and Testimonials | Happy Customers from Our Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston

Our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston have been a highlight in the moving process of many households since we returned their living spaces to their pristine condition. Our highly-trained cleaners work hard to prepare any property for new residents and potential buyers.

Cleaning became the last thing on everyone’s mind, as it was automatically ticked from their to-do list after hiring us. We provide only the best cleaning services in Boston, guaranteeing a deep clean before you move in or move out of your living space. Book our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston today!

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A Brief About Our Cleaning Company

We’ve been cleaning in the Greater Boston area since 2002, aiming to provide the best service whether you’re moving or need regular cleaning for your house or apartment. Over the years, we’ve been recommended to friends, family, and colleagues because we only provide the ideal results.

We aim to continue this daunting task so you don’t have to worry about having your cleaning checked on your to-do list. Discover our exceptional move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, book now for a hassle-free experience!

Our Cleaning Team

Our Team consists of highly trained and motivated cleaners who aim to provide amazing services for every job. They undergo a rigorous interview and cleaning test before training to make sure we get only the best cleaners in Boston.

They can be trusted with your new residence, so you can expect to find everything where you left it unless you give special instructions to our cleaners. We are also fully licensed and insured to ensure that our staff are well taken care of while they work with us.

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How to Schedule Your Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston with Us.

You can easily make moving easier by booking your move in and move out cleaning service in Boston with us in minutes.

Here’s how to book our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston and what you can expect when we do our job.

Easy Booking and Free Quotes

If you’re interested in having us help you with your new chapter in life, you can get a free quote to have an idea of our affordable services.

You can easily book any house cleaning service with us through our website. It will only take you about five minutes to accomplish. Then, you should receive a call from our office regarding the specifics of your cleaning.

You’ll notice that an authorization debit will be requested to your credit card for verification after you confirm your booking.

Note that this is only a temporary charge. We will only charge you after the cleaning is rendered, and you should receive an email invoice after. The temporary charge will be refunded within 7 to 10 business days

What We Need from You Before the Scheduled Cleaning

We ask that you communicate openly and clearly with our professional cleaners, especially when giving instructions. This will help us adjust our regular cleaning to your needs.

To ensure you get the best experience, we recommend picking up items like clothing and toys from the floor.

Declutter the space so we can focus on cleaning your cabinetry, floors, and more.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, we advise that you call in AT LEAST 48 hours before your schedule. This should give our team enough time to adjust to the new schedule.

What You Can Expect on the Day of Service

You can expect our team to arrive on time. However, we ask that you provide a 2-hour arrival window to consider the heavy traffic and unforeseen events.

If you booked a service for 11 AM, you can expect us to arrive between 11 AM and 1 PM.
We will walk through the area to set expectations between you and our team. This is also the best time to indicate the areas you want us to focus on or avoid.

Then, we’ll follow a standard cleaning checklist while taking your preferences. You can relax while we return your home to its pristine condition. Book our move in and move out cleaning service today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about our house cleaning services? We’ve gathered and answered the most common ones.

We recommend booking our services AT LEAST 2 days before your desired schedule.

This will ensure that we can assign cleaners to service your home and that they’re well-prepared and equipped.
However, the earlier you book, the better the chances of having a more seamless session.

Any changes to your booking should also be made 48 hours before your booking so we can adjust accordingly.

Our cleaners bring their own equipment and cleaning products at no extra charge during the home cleaning service.

We use ergonomically designed equipment to improve our staff’s productivity, comfort, and safety while they do their jobs.

Our vacuum cleaners are green-label, CRI-certified (Carpet and Rug Institute), and specially designed for professional residential cleaning.

They have a 4-stage HEPA filtration system to decrease asthma and allergy triggers in your home.

All our cleaning products are Green Seal and EPA-certified, making them safe for you, your family, your pets, and our staff.

We also have green methods upon request to avoid allergic reactions without harming the environment.

While we usually recommend our clients to be present, especially on the first cleaning, we don’t require your presence during your appointments.

It’s best to do whatever you’re most comfortable with.

If you choose not to be present, our staff will be in and out of your house for the cleaning.

Unless we receive prior instructions about any other belongings, they will be left as they were.

You must provide instructions for entering and exiting your property during your booking. We will also request any special parking arrangements you need us to follow be made known.

For more information about our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston, you can inquire through our website at https://onix.cleaning/contact/.

Our online customer service is accessible 24/7. You can submit an inquiry or book a house cleaning service anytime.

You can also talk to someone from our team by calling or texting our office at 781-558-2198.

We can be reached through email at maria@onixcleaning.com 

Let’s Get Your Space Ready for Moving In or Moving Out!

The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning while moving in or out of Greater Boston. You can learn more about what we can offer to help you get a fresh start without the hassle of doing the dirty work.

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Book Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service in Boston with Onix!

Are you interested in having your new home cleaned? Or perhaps you’re preparing your former home for new residents. You can quickly see how much it would cost by requesting a free quote of our move in and move out cleaning service in Boston with no strings attached or a security deposit required.

Visit our website and answer a few questions about our cleaning in just a few seconds. Book a move in or move out cleaning service in Boston with our company today!

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