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House Cleaning Service in Boston, MA

Sometimes, life leaves you far too busy to clean your home, and you’d need to hire a professional house cleaning service to help you face your once-in-a-blue-moon general cleaning. Other times, the job may just be too big for one person. You might wonder, “Where can I get help to clean my Boston home?”

Onix Cleaning Services is the solution for all your house cleaning service in Boston area.

Why Choose Our House Cleaning Service in Boston?

Here’s why Onix is the best when it comes to house cleaning service in Boston, Massachusetts.

Every person wants to arrive home to a clean house. However, not everyone has the time and the cleaning equipment to do the job.

That’s where Onix Cleaning Services business come in. Our years of experience and the equipment we utilize make us the best house cleaning service in Boston to work with if you need your house professionally cleaned.

As you learn more about our company, you’ll notice how our experience and reputation within our community were earned thanks to how we do our job. We only want to deliver the best results to every client.

For even more details about these house cleaning service in Boston or other cleaning services that we offer, read on:

Three smiling women in blue shirts, representing house cleaning templates, standing in a row against a marble background.

Our Experience and Reputation in Boston’s Cleaning Industry

We have been in Boston’s cleaning industry since 2002. Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve provided consistent and delightful house cleaning service in Boston for every household we’ve handled.

Our award-winning services have garnered many positive reviews and 5-star ratings online. We’ve been recommended to family members, friends, colleagues, and more. Many of our clients have been with us throughout the years and received nothing but the best cleaning a Boston company can offer.

Our stress and hassle-free cleaning will give you time for the more essential things in life. You just have to let us worry about the dirty work. We’re constantly looking to provide the same award-winning services to new clients and continue growing as a cleaning company. We strive to remain a fixture in the Boston community for years to come. Book our house cleaning service in Boston today!

A kitchen with white cabinets and a center island is in need of a deep cleaning.

Proven Trustworthiness and Reliability

All our professional team cleaners are guaranteed to show up on time for any job. We’ve trained them to treat your home like their own, so we’ll handle everything carefully and respectfully. You can expect to see everything where it should be according to your instructions.

We’re also transparent and straightforward with our prices, informing you of how each type of cleaning is priced. All rates are reasonable to provide affordable services while allowing our employees to earn living wages. You can rely on us for any cleaning job, as we’re always ready to face all your cleaning woes.

Two people house cleaning by making a bed in a room with brick walls and bedside lamps.

Our Unique Approach to House Cleaning

Our house cleaning service in Boston will make sure that you don’t have to do anything once you have your booking. All you have to do is sit back and relax until your home is sparkling clean. Each cleaners is equipped with the right products and tools to work on your house. This includes vacuums and steamers, depending on what you booked for.

Our team goes through a checklist to guarantee we’ve completed every task. We tick everything as we go through your home. We also take into consideration your health and wellness. All our equipment is safe for the household, and we are open to requests regarding special accommodations and eco-friendly cleaning.

We also have additional services you can book, including:
Carpet Cleaning
Clean inside/outside of accessible windows
Gutter Cleaning
Inside of freezer, refrigerator, or oven
Laundry Care
Lawn Care (garden, frog pond, etc.)
Organizing cabinets, closets, drawers, and shelves
Painting Services

You can expect every staff member to go above and beyond for each cleaning.

Various green cleaning supplies and a sponge arranged in a line against a neutral background.

Our Green Cleaning Commitment

We have home cleaning teams dedicated explicitly to doing 100% green cleaning upon request.

They use steam cleaning to disinfect and sanitize key areas in your home. Simply notify our customer service so we can assign a special cleaning team to your home. Onix Cleaning uses the most appropriate methods to make sure that we can still leave your house spotless after the session, even though most eco-friendly cleaning products aren’t designed to remove all harmful bacteria.

We use materials that are more eco-friendly to protect our environment. We utilize microfiber cloths and pads rather than paper. Our microfiber mops can pick up 99% of bacteria compared to the 30% cotton-based mop can pick up.

Our methods involve using eco-friendly cleaning solutions that don’t contain flammable substances or ozone-depleting chemicals that can cause respiratory illnesses and irritate skin. 

A family of four sitting on a couch, smiling, with the parents forming a roof-like shape with their arms above their children's heads after a day of house cleaning.

Highly Rated by Boston Homeowners

Since 2002, our cleaning company has served thousands of households. We’ve encountered many homeowners in Boston who’ve all left the same positive comments about our services.

We’ve handled households of different backgrounds, from busy families and professionals to retirees and frequent travelers. Our award-winning services earned us numerous positive reviews and 5-star ratings from websites like Google, Thumbtack, Facebook, and AngiesList.

Going through these reviews, you will notice how our loyal customers have been with us and have enjoyed our services for years. They’re incredibly grateful for how we’ve been able to make their lives much easier without worrying about the cleanliness of their homes.

We tailor our services to suit your needs!

Our house cleaning company offers many cleaning services in Boston. Our home cleaners are
guaranteed to provide only the best cleaning service to every client.

Elevate your home with our professional house cleaning service in Boston with Onix Cleaning Services!

Comprehensive House Cleaning Service in Boston that We Offer

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the popular services offered by our cleaning company.

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Regular Scheduled Cleaning

Your house will always need regular cleaning to make sure that bacteria and dust don’t build up. Our standard cleaning provides the necessary steps to make sure your house is clean and orderly>

We have packages that can address specific parts of your house or have us clean the whole house for you We also have recurring cleaning services you can arrange with our staff to make sure you don’t arrive home to dust, mess, clutter, and grime

Stop coming home to more dirty work and enjoy a pleasant and peaceful home that’s good for your health with our standard cleaning services.

Steam cleaning a floor to sanitize and remove grime, as outlined in our house cleaning checklist.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our cleaning company prioritizes details when it comes to cleaning. We’ll do a thorough job and give every nook and cranny of your house a good scrub. Our deep cleaning service option covers your house from top to bottom.

We use only the best tools and materials, from our vacuum cleaner to our steamer, to do an incredible job. You can get a deep clean as a one-time session or schedule it for recurring sessions a few times a year as needed.

Our deep clean service will help make your house look and feel much better and make maintenance much easier for you and your household.

Woman carrying a cardboard box in a room with multiple boxes, possibly involved in house cleaning or organizing.

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning

The process of moving in or out of a home can happen in a blur. You might forget the essential things and not have enough time to clean your new apartment or home once the boxes arrive. That’s why hiring professional home cleaners is a great way to address all your cleaning needs. That will help you focus on the more essential parts of moving.

Our move-in/move-out clean includes conducting a deep clean of the living space before a new tenant moves into the house or apartment. Each job can be different, depending on the state of your house. However, our whole team is more than ready to handle anything.

Have your new apartment or house prepared for moving day without you needing to worry about dust and dirt.

A person standing on a stepladder applying painter's tape to the top corner of a room while another assists by holding the ladder for safety during house cleaning.

Post-Renovation Cleaning

Renovation work often comes with plenty of debris, dust, and dirt, which can harm your health. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is important after a renovation.

We’ll ensure your house is spotless after any messy construction or remodeling. Every house cleaner on our team puts extra care into important areas, like light fixtures, windowsills, and vents, which might have collected harmful dust particles during the construction.

The process also ensures that your kitchens and bathrooms are well-sanitized and any residue is removed from your home.

Protection of a miniature house by two individuals' hands, symbolizing insurance or security in real estate and cleanliness ensured through house cleaning templates.

Specialty Cleaning

Are you a real estate agent or a property manager? Or perhaps you only need specific rooms cleaned, like a guest room or bathroom. Regardless, our house cleaning service can be tailored to your needs to ensure we provide an outstanding job you’ll appreciate.

With our specialty cleaning services, visitors to your house or property will be welcomed in the best way possible. Any visitor to Boston can also arrive at a clean Boston home and spend their free time experiencing the city’s rich history instead of having to worry about the space they will stay in.

You can book this house cleaning service as a recurring thing, so you don’t have to worry about tidying up whenever someone leaves your property.

Neighborhoods We Serve

We generally provide our services to the following areas in Boston:

  • Back Bay
  • Beacon Hill
  • Brookline
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Fenway Park
  • Jamaica Plain
  • North End
  • Seaport
  • South Boston
  • West End

If you have residential or commercial properties in these areas and are interested in our house cleaning service in Boston, you can easily contact our staff for more details.

Extended Reach Across Greater Boston Area

Besides the listed neighborhoods, we also provide an extended reach across the Greater Boston Area.

We offer our services to the following counties:

  • Suffolk County
  • Middlesex County
  • Norfolk County
  • Essex County

The constant support of our clients has allowed us to reach more people and provide the services they need to focus on the more important things in life.

If you want to inquire about our services in your area, feel free to contact our staff for details and a free quote.

A woman wearing a black polo standing outside, holding standard cleaning templates.

Four women in blue shirts standing in front of a couch ready to move out.

About Onix | Professional House Cleaners in Boston

Our team of professional house cleaners are all trained and supported by the company to enable them to provide only the best house cleaning service in Boston and other cleaning services to our clients.

From our selection process to the additional training we provide, we can make sure that every cleaning session for your home will result in the best outcomes for your home.

With ongoing support and development opportunities, our team cleaners stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques and standards, guaranteeing excellence and satisfaction with every visit.

Rigorous Selection Process

We espouse a rigorous selection process to ensure that our team is only comprised of highly motivated, reliable, and experienced cleaners in the area. This is how we make sure that all our services are beyond expectations every time.

We conduct a full background check on all our employees. This helps us find the most trustworthy people you can trust to clean your property. We also have them perform a test clean so we can inspect their work and what we can do to improve their skills further.

They are all fully trained and highly motivated go-getters who will get the job done right for you and your house. For additional safety, each team member is held accountable by a trusted and experienced supervisor who will occasionally review the team’s performance while they clean your home.

Advanced Training and Continuing Education

To make sure that only the best cleaners are assigned to our clients’ houses, we provide our team with the training and instruction they need to clean your house.

We teach them our methods and how they can improve their current skill set in cleaning and housekeeping.

We also ensure that our cleaners work flexibly based on their own schedules and how much time they can provide to the company.

As a result, our cleaners are some of the highest paid and eager to work compared to other cleaning companies.

Our Team’s Pledge to Quality and Respect

To provide the best house cleaning service in Boston to our clients, we make sure that all our cleaners respect your property while we do our job.

We only provide the highest quality when it comes to our services. We go above and beyond with each task to give you the best experience whenever you book one of our services.

We want to leave each house assigned to us spotless, with everything right where you left them. This will ensure you don’t lose anything, even with our team entering and exiting your home.

If you aren’t happy with any area we’ve cleaned, you can contact us within 24 hours. We’ll provide a free re-cleaning or your money back 100% guaranteed.

Customer Authentic Reviews and Feedback

Since our establishment in 2002, we’ve gained many positive reviews for the wonderful job we do and our friendly team of house cleaners.

Over the years, these reviews and positive recommendations from existing clients have made us one of the top cleaning companies in Boston.

Here’s what our clients have to say about our house cleaning service in Boston and why we’ve been recommended to thousands of households in Boston.

We’ve received more than 200 positive reviews on Google and Yelp, along with testimonies directly submitted to our customer service team regarding our cleaning services.

They’ve constantly commended how our cleaners always provide a great job cleaning their homes and ensuring that everything is pristine and well-organized.

Many commercial property owners have also commended how we can have an apartment or house cleaned and prepared for new tenants as requested.

You can expect a friendly housekeeping team to do all the high quality cleaning needed for your home.


Online Booking in Minutes

You can easily book your house cleaning service in Boston with us in just minutes through our website. Simply provide your personal preferences when it comes to the cleaning of your home. Then, enter your property information and contact details.

Someone from our customer service team will reach out to you for your final schedule and the corresponding rates. Our goal is to provide affordable rates and excellent service to every home. Get your home spotless by booking your house for high quality cleaning with Onix Cleaning business.


Flexible Scheduling Options

We understand that your busy schedule can get in the way of your regular cleaning schedule. Luckily, we’re one of the cleaning companies that provide flexible schedules that adjust to our clients’ busy lives.

Simply inform our cleaners about your preferences so we can adjust to your needs. This will ensure that we can do an excellent job based on a time frame you can work with.


Hassle-Free Rescheduling and Cancellation

Your busy life can sometimes stop you from getting your cleaning service as scheduled. We understand that and want to adjust to our clients’ needs as much as possible.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your cleaning, you can call or email our customer service 48 hours before your next scheduled house cleaning service in Boston. We’ll do our best to adjust and accommodate your scheduling needs.

Easy Booking Process of House Cleaning Service in Boston with Onix!

Experience the best house cleaning service in Boston with Onix Cleaning Services!

You can easily book a session with us through our website at https://www.onixcleaning.com/.

You can also call us at 781-558-2198 for bookings and inquiries regarding our services.

A man is using a laptop and a cell phone at the same time to organize recurring cleaning schedules.

How to Request Your Free Quote

You can visit our website at https://www.onixcleaning.com/ to get your free quote.

Click on “Get Free Quote” and enter the necessary information regarding the services you’re interested in and your property and contact information.

You should get a quote in an instant based on your preferences.

If you have any questions regarding the quote and if there are any specific services you want to avail of, you can contact our cleaners for a more thorough planning of your booking. We’re always happy to help!

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What to Expect When You Contact Us

All of our lines are open to serve you. You can expect a member of our friendly customer service to provide all the information you need about our house cleaning service in Boston.

You can also provide your personal preferences regarding your booked cleaning session.

Our staff is dedicated to only providing the highest quality job when it comes to our house cleaning service in Boston, so we do everything we can to note your preferences.

If you’re not sure how to work our website, our staff is more than happy to assist you with your booking and inquiries over the phone.


Get Your Free House Cleaning Quote Today

Elevate your home with our professional house cleaning service in Boston with Onix Cleaning Services!

You can easily get a free house cleaning service in Boston quote from us in just minutes without any obligations or additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Quotes

Let’s discuss the most common questions about our quotes and house cleaning service in Boston.

These services are available to rental owners and property managers to ensure that your next guest or tenant will come to a clean and prepared apartment or home.

Prices can depend on your rental property size, frequency of service, level of effort to prepare for the next guest or tenant, and the length of your contract.

You can visit the Turnover service page on our website or contact us to learn more.

In this event, our team will reach out to you in case there should be changes with regard to a holiday.

We will also remind you of additional housecleaning services we can provide so you can prepare for any upcoming holidays. Rest assured; we’ll do our best to work with your desired schedule.

We have a flat rate price per number of bedrooms rather than a per-hour service. This helps ensure that our cleaners keep working until the job is done and everything on the checklist has been cleaned.

The checklist will tell you what’s included for the price you’re paying, so you can know you’re getting your money’s worth.

You can pre-schedule your appointments and ensure you get the same team each time. You can also get discounts and first dibs for seasonal specials.

Your credit card will be charged after the service is complete. You will also receive an email receipt shortly after your payment is processed. For cash or check payments, it’s normal for our customers to just leave them on the kitchen counter.

We don’t offer to lift objects that weigh more than 25 pounds, move heavy objects (heavy couches, refrigerators, stoves), climb ladders, clean ceiling fans, insect infestations, mold removal, deep stain removal, pest removal, and any hazardous material clean-up.

We also don’t do any laundry, like bed sheets and clothes.
For our staff’s health and safety, we don’t offer cleaning of active smoking areas because our cleaning company is strictly non-smoking, and we don’t want to expose our cleaners to secondhand smoke.

We don’t work with properties with wild or potentially dangerous animals.

We don’t clean out litter boxes or handle animal feces.

We don’t offer cleaning for areas with hoarding issues because of the dangers of these piles and how we can’t clean properly with overcrowded rooms.

We don’t offer organizational tasks to ensure your belongings are in the right place when we leave. However, we can refer you to our partners for any cleaning service we cannot provide.

Three women in blue shirts standing in front of a blue background, providing cleaning services for Airbnb properties.

The Best House Cleaning Service in Boston

Discover the best house cleaning service in Boston with Onix Cleaning Services! Contact us now for a free quotation with no obligations. Reach out to us via our website or call us to learn more about the available packages and prices.

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Book our reliable cleaning services today so you can experience the outstanding job our clients have experienced for years. Experience exceptional and spotless house cleaning service in Boston with Onix Cleaning Services today!