Full Guide to Move Out Cleaning Costs


Maria DeSouza

| Published September 20, 2023

The average move out cleaning costs $150–200, or $40–50 per hour for each cleaner.

When moving into a small 1-bedroom apartment, the standard cleaning cost is about $70, while the move-out cleaning costs about $110.

Larger places might cost up to $180 or more for a deep clean and start at $130 for standard cleaning.

But there are several scenarios where quotes can vary. It’s best to give your apartment a deep cleaning before moving out to ensure you get your security deposit back.

Understanding Move-Out Cleaning

For over 20 years, Onix Cleaning Services has handled many move-out cleaning projects with unique challenges.

A move-out cleaning service is not just regular cleaning — it is a more thorough cleaning that will restore the entire house or rental property to its original appearance.

Overlooking this step affects prospective occupants and property owners alike. You can expect to pay for this step from your security deposit if you neglect this cleaning.

You may avoid this and keep your deposit by understanding move-out cleaning. Rely on our expertise for a seamless transition and a spotless property.

Definition of Move-Out Cleaning

A move-out cleaning is meant to return the home to how it was before the renter moved in.

Here are some of the tasks that are typically included in move-out cleaning:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping all floors, and grout cleaning
  • Dusting all surfaces, especially the furniture, baseboards, and light fixtures
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly (stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, bathtub/shower, etc.)
  • Mirrors and window cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Taking out the trash and recycling
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning up any pet hair or dander if you have pets

The Importance of Move-Out Cleaning

Move-out cleaning is a kind gesture to owners and helps you regain your security deposit. It’s also a sign of responsible tenancy.

Understanding its importance prepares you for the cleaning expenses you must cover before moving out.

Many rental agreements stipulate that tenants must leave the property tidy, and if the landlord discovers a mess after you leave, they may keep your security deposit to cover the cleaning expense.

You can either hire a cleaning service or do it yourself with your own supplies.

Factors Influencing the Move Out Cleaning Cost

Cleaning rates vary depending on the home and other factors.

Let’s look at how the size of your home, its type, property condition, services needed, labor rates, location, and more can influence move-out cleaning prices.

Size and Type of Property

At around $360 on average, move-out cleaning is a smart investment. Cleaning costs are usually proportionate to your home’s dimensions or square footage.

Apartment cleaning typically costs less due to their size and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Bigger homes will cost more to clean.

For instance, a two-bedroom house (1,000–1,500 square feet) will cost $120-$260, while a four-bedroom home (2,000–3,000 square feet) falls between $240–380.

Consequently, move-out cleaning costs for rental homes are slightly higher than standard house or apartment cleaning costs.

Regardless of the size of your rental property, you’ll be able to find professional cleaning services in Boston that can tackle your cleaning job.

Geographical Location

The national average cost of move-out cleaning ranges from $150 to $350.

However, whole house cleaning prices depend on where you live. House cleaning cost varies between states.

The cost of cleaning also depends on where your property is located. Rates differ based on living expenses, service demand, and local trends.

Level of Cleaning Required

We’ve mentioned the connection between property size and cleaning cost, but it’s not just size; the initial state of the property matters too.

More rooms mean more cleaning jobs, so expect to pay more — even for a standard cleaning.

A rental property in good condition with minimal wear and tear will likely involve a less intensive cleaning job.

On the other hand, properties with challenging stains, stubborn grime, and overlooked areas will need greater time and effort.

House cleaning services costs are based on the property’s level of cleanliness and the customer’s special requests.

Additional Services

Upgraded move-out cleaning packages may include add-ons like stain removal, appliance maintenance, deep cleaning, and cabinet cleaning.

While basic move-out cleaning cost reflects property specifics and deep cleaning, additional services can significantly raise expenses.

Some of these frequently requested add-ons include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, junk removal service, and detailing kitchen appliances.

Most move-out cleaning services offer these add-on services priced by task, room, or square footage.

NOTE: Some professional cleaners use eco-friendly products, which can also raise costs.

Average Move-Out Cleaning Cost

The average move-out cleaning cost in the United States is around $360. However, this amount can fluctuate based on the factors we outlined earlier.

In this section, let’s compare the breakdown costs for professional cleaning services to the expenses of cleaning your rental yourself.

Cost for Professional Service

Hiring a house cleaner typically costs around $230, with rates ranging from $60 to over $400.

Professional house cleaning covers a variety of tasks, packaged based on service scope.

Basic cleaning or standard cleaning packages include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, garbage disposal, and kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Deep cleaning provides additional professional services beyond basic cleaning — including surfaces like appliances or the interior of the bathroom cabinets.

On the other hand, move-out cleaning goes beyond deep clean packages due to its wider coverage and more intricate tasks. Given this, it’s usually pricier.

Nonetheless, leaving behind a well-maintained space is worth the slightly higher cost.

Breakdown of Costs for Self-Cleaning

If you’re thinking about handling apartment move-out cleaning alone, it’s crucial to consider the costs involved.

Although self-cleaning may seem budget-friendly, it’s important to know the hidden costs and extra effort you’ll need to do a thorough job.

Here’s a closer look at the potential costs of self-cleaning when moving out:

  1. Cleaning Supplies: You’ll need to purchase a range of cleaning products, including sprays, detergents, brushes, mops, and more.
  2. Equipment Rental: Depending on your property’s size and specific needs, you might need to rent specialized equipment like a carpet cleaner and power washer.
  3. Time and Effort: Self-cleaning can impact your schedule and potentially delay the moving process.
  4. Quality: Achieving professional-level cleanliness requires careful attention to detail, so you might need to invest in premium cleaning products for an optimal cleaning job.
  5. Potential Repairs: During your cleaning, you might discover minor damages or wear and tear that need to be addressed before vacating the property.
a man repairing a damaged dishwasher cabinet

Optional Add-Ons to Cleaning Services

In addition to the basic move-out cleaning services that many cleaning companies offer, there are several optional add-ons that you can choose when hiring cleaners to get your home sparkling clean.

The cost of these specific services will also depend on the factors mentioned earlier.

It may also vary depending on the company’s policies and disclosures from rental properties.

The availability and price of add-ons can help you find the right apartment cleaning company for your moving-out needs.

Description of Add-Ons

Elevate your move-out cleaning with add-ons that target specific tasks and areas that may need extra care.

Most cleaning services cover the basics like dusting, disinfecting surfaces, vacuuming, and mopping. Some also extend to the baseboard and wall spot-cleaning.

However, to cater to the growing needs of tenants, move-out cleaning services offer customizable packages or upgrades to match your property’s unique needs.

Apartment cleaning extra services may offer cabinet cleaning, oven cleaning, stain treatment, and even green cleaning.

With customizable add-ons (based on tasks, rooms, or square feet measurements), comparing house cleaners helps you find your ideal cleaning combination.

When selecting add-ons, review them with the included tasks in your free estimate.

Price Ranges for Each Add-on

Add-on costs vary by service, room count, per hour, or square feet measurement.

Get quotes before choosing add-ons and thoroughly research and compare prices among different cleaning companies.

Average Add-On Prices:

  • Hardwood floor polishing or wood flooring: $80–300
  • Tile and grout: $100–$200
  • Garage cleaning: $50–$200
  • Cabinet organization: $50-$80
  • Junk removal: $50–$370
  • Carpet: $120–$240 (about $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot)
  • Window cleaner: $11–$13 per window cleaning
  • Appliances: $10–50 each
  • Blinds: $5–10 per set
  • Doing the laundry: $10-$50

NOTE: This is just an estimated or average cost. The actual cost of add-ons may vary depending on the specific service (may be charged per hour), the size of your home (cost per square foot), and the location of your home.

Comparing DIY Cleaning Vs. Professional Services

Here we’ll compare DIY cleaning to professional cleaning services provided by an apartment cleaning company.

Both DIY cleaning and professional cleaning have their unique benefits and trade-offs. The best cleaning option for you will depend on your circumstances.

Therefore, consider the scope of your cleaning tasks, available time, and budget constraints.

Time and Effort Involved

Gathering supplies, picking up cleaning techniques, and thorough cleaning are all time- and labor-intensive DIY cleaning jobs.

This can be especially demanding for larger rental properties that may need a deep cleaning.

On the other hand, hiring professional cleaning companies ensures your apartment will be cleaned by trained professionals with the tools to clean quickly and efficiently.

DIY apartment cleaning can be cost-effective if you have the time and energy to do it yourself.

However, hiring a professional apartment cleaning service may be the better choice if you’re short on time or want your home to be cleaned to the highest standards.

Well, how long should a move-out cleaning take? Apartment cleaning should take between 4-6 hours.

Potential Savings

Professional services offer long-term savings for both time and money.

DIY apartment cleaning might save on hiring costs, but remember to account for cleaning supplies’ expenses. A DIY cleaning means extra time and effort, impacting productivity or leisure.

Professional services can be pricier upfront yet save time and money in the long haul.

Hiring an expert house cleaner ensures your rental will be cleaned efficiently, and they may offer discounts for a weekly cleaning service or high-traffic areas.

Ultimately, the goal is to get your security deposit and avoid extra costs.

Quality of Cleaning

Compared to DIY cleaning projects, commercial cleaning services can give cleaner results.

Even for a deep clean service, they guarantee complete and effective house cleaning thanks to their knowledge, experience, and advanced tools.

DIY cleaning can be effective for regular maintenance, but may not be as thorough as professional cleaning services, especially for move-out cleaning.

Doing it yourself might also lead to varying cleaning results due to a lack of expertise and equipment

A deeper and more thorough move-out clean can be achieved by a trained/professional cleaner using specialized equipment.

Professional cleaners can do a better cleaning job thanks to their expertise, attention to detail, training, and strict standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cleaning costs is a common question, but here are some more questions to give you more info about move-out cleaning.

How Much Is the Average Cost for Move-Out Cleaning?

The average cost of move-out cleaning falls between $150 and $350, with some businesses charging per hour.

Additionally, independent house cleaners often charge between $25 and $60 per hour for their labor.

However, these figures are not fixed and are subject to change based on previously mentioned factors.

Apartment move-out cleaning services typically span from
$110 to $500 or higher, influenced by property size (square foot), location, and additional housekeeping services needed.

A house cleaning rate is location-dependent — varying from state to state.

What Is Included in a Move-Out Cleaning Service?

Move-in/move-out cleaning is a specialized service designed to eliminate dust and grime from a property after its occupants have departed.

All rooms, surfaces, appliances, fixtures, and flooring are cleaned and sanitized as part of this exhaustive process.

The tasks involved often include the following (and more):

Dusting and wiping door frames and doors.
Eliminating cobwebs.
Dusting ceiling fans.
Disinfecting and wiping mirrors.
Vacuuming stairs and carpets.
Dusting and wiping built-in shelves and other wall fixtures.
Mopping floors.
Cleaning and dusting baseboards.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Move-Out Cleaning?

Move-out house cleaning cost varies based on property size, number of bedrooms, cleaning level, location, and whether you request additional services.

Larger homes that need a deeper cleaning will usually be more expensive to clean.

Additional services like carpet cleaning, polishing hardwood floors, or window washing can also raise the total cost.

We recommend comparing quotes from different cleaning companies to find the best deal.

TIP: Clear your schedule for cleaning day! Some companies may charge a cancellation fee for last-minute cancellations.

Is It Cheaper to Do Move-Out Cleaning by Myself?

If the thought of paying for something you could do yourself bothers you, consider this: A professional house cleaner is more skilled than you.

Choosing to handle move-out cleaning might save money initially, as it avoids professional service fees.

However, after factoring in the costs of your own cleaning supplies and the time and effort involved, it likely won’t look so affordable!

Conversely, professional cleaning services, despite their upfront cost, can potentially save you time, energy, and even money in the long run.

Follow a list of efficient self-cleaning tips to make DIY apartment cleaning easier.

Are There Ways to Save On Move-Out Cleaning Costs?

Consider going with basic cleaning packages and picking necessary add-ons within your price range to make your move-out cleaning more affordable.

Here are a few extra tips to consider:

Get quotes from multiple house cleaning services– This will give you an idea of the range of move-out clean prices in your area.
Schedule off-peak – Consider scheduling your move-out clean during less busy times of the week or year when cleaning services might offer discounts.
Check for discounts – Some companies offer discounts for move-out cleaning during certain times of the year (spring or fall). They may also offer referral and coupon promotions.
Prioritize areas – Focus on the areas that need the most attention rather than opting for a comprehensive package that covers everything.
Negotiate the price – Never be scared to haggle if you don’t like the price that one cleaning company provides. Many cleaning professionals are open to negotiating a lower price with you.


When calculating move-out cleaning costs, remember to balance your needs with your budget. If you can tackle some cleaning tasks yourself, that means less costs when hiring professionals.

Remember to get quotes from multiple apartment cleaning companies for a better idea of how much move-out cleaning costs in your area.

If you are on a tight budget, you may consider doing the move-out cleaning yourself. However, hiring a professional cleaning service may be the better option if you are short on time or want a guaranteed deep clean.

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