Onix Cleaning: The Boston Bathroom Cleaning Service for Your Needs

Cleaning the bathroom can be an extremely tedious task, especially if you have a busy schedule. Hiring average cleaning services in Boston also doesn’t guarantee you’d get the best cleaning job possible.

You’ll need the best house cleaners to solve your house cleaning woes and ensure that your bathroom, in particular, is in tip-top shape.

That’s where Onix Cleaning Services comes in.

Get to know our award-winning cleaning services in Boston, Massachusetts. These will be perfect for deep cleaning your bathroom and ensuring a comfortable experience in your home.

an image of a female Onix cleaner, cleaning the bathroom sink next to the toilet bowl

Overview of Our Bathroom Cleaning Services

Onix is one of the leading cleaning companies in Boston, having served the greater Boston community since 2002.

Our cleaning services for bathrooms were designed to reach every nook and cranny of your bathroom, from your shower enclosure to your toilet tank, to ensure that it’s clean and safe to use.

We also offer a wide variety of services, from regular cleaning to deep cleaning.

You can look into our different packages to find one that can fit your needs. Whether you want us to focus on a single room or do your whole house, our team is always prepared to meet all your cleaning needs.

Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Services in Boston

There are many cleaning companies in Boston that can address your bathroom’s cleaning needs.

However, Onix stands out from the rest thanks to our years of experience and since we use only the best products for your home.

We’re guaranteed to provide the best service to our clients.

We offer a focused cleaning package designed specifically for a bathroom or half bath.

Regular cleaning can also include the bathroom along with other parts of the house. You can look into our available packages or contact our customer service team for more information about what package best fits your home.

Our house cleaners are sure to clean even hard-to-reach spaces within your bathroom for spotless, thorough cleaning.

You can also request a deep clean to get a more in-depth bathroom cleaning.

However, our cleaning service doesn’t include home organization to ensure we leave things the way we found them. We leave the organization projects to our clients.

If you’re looking for a deep clean, our friendly home cleaning professionals are trained to get even the most out-of-sight places in your bathroom.

We also have the tools and products to do thorough, spotless cleaning without damaging your bathroom’s construction.

A good deep clean will ensure that your bathrooms are free from bacteria and germs that can be harmful to your family. Your bathroom is guaranteed to look good as new after our service.

We’ve spent years perfecting our cleaning craft to ensure we only provide the best to the Boston community.

Over the years, we’ve cleaned thousands of homes and provided a hassle-free way for customers to clean their space with minimal effort.

We look forward to continuing this service for the years to come.

Why Choose Our Bathroom Cleaning Service?

This service can be included in one of our packages or can be booked separately.

Compared to other cleaning companies, we ensure that we only provide the best service for our clients.

We do a wide variety of cleaning, from regular to deep cleaning, depending on your bathroom needs.

All of our house cleaners are guaranteed to do a wonderful job at cleaning your house, especially with the training and support we provide to give you the best service possible.

Besides our bathrooms, we’ve also been trusted with the following cleaning services:

  • House cleaning
  • Maid services
  • Move-in/out
  • Apartment cleaning services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Real Estate Cleaning
  • Regular cleaning
  • Residential cleaning services
  • Post-renovation cleaning
  • Spring cleaning

We’re also equipped with only the best housekeeping materials to clean, declutter, and sanitize your home. All your furniture, carpets, and rooms are guaranteed only the best cleaning results.

Why settle for an average cleaning service when you can have some of the most trusted Boston house cleaners working on your beloved home?

Wondering why professional house cleaning services are important?

Here are some reasons why you might prefer a professional cleaner’s work:

  • We provide reliable cleaning services at affordable rates.
  • We use a wide range of deep cleaning products and cleaning supplies.
  • We have professional deep-cleaning equipment to get every nook and cranny of your bathroom.
  • You can have your bathroom cleaned along with other parts of the house based on our wide variety of cleaning packages.

While you can have your bathroom and house cleaned on your own, you are assured that whoever we send will do an excellent job since you hired a professional, and we only send out the best.

Over the years, our clients have expressed their satisfaction and trust in our house cleaning service.

Our goal is to ensure that we only provide excellent customer service that stands out from other Boston house cleaners and that our clients’ homes are sparkly clean.

Understanding the Bathroom Cleaning Process

The bathroom has some of the highest foot traffic in any home. Over time, it can collect a lot of dirt and grime. Showering can also cause a build-up of soap scum.

To clean the bathroom, you’d have to be extremely thorough to prevent any build-up and stop the spread of any disease that can come from a dirty bathroom.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the whole cleaning process alone.

Our team of professionals is prepared to help you get your bathroom squeaky clean at an affordable price.

Our standard cleaning process involves a basic cleaning routine within the bathroom, from your bathroom walls and floors to your toilets and sinks.

We ensure your bathroom is clean and dry when we finish our service.

We also provide deep cleaning for more in-depth work. We ensure that all grout lines and bathroom tiles are clean and dry.

However, please be informed that we don’t offer bathroom organization. We will clean the space and do the most basic organization, but we won’t do a whole organizing session.

This is to ensure that all your belongings will be right where you found them before turning them over to us for cleaning.

Every house cleaner in our team is equipped with only the best tools and cleaning products since we pride ourselves on being one of the best home cleaning services.

All our cleaning products are strong enough to eliminate any grime in your bathroom.

We also provide eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to fit your preferences without changing the quality of our service.

All our house cleaners were trained to thoroughly get the job done, no matter how messy your bathroom is.

You’re sure to enter a good-as-new bathroom when we’re done with our service.

Every nook and cranny is guaranteed to be covered by our cleaning service to ensure that all the dust and dirt that can build up will be gone by the time you return.

an image collage showing the transformation of a bathroom floor: one side displaying dirty tiles before cleaning, and the other revealing sparkling clean tiles after the cleaning process

Schedule a Cleaning Service with Us

Scheduling a house cleaning service with us can take only a few minutes.

We also offer flexible schedules for routine house cleaning to fit your busy and ever-changing lifestyles.

How to Schedule a Bathroom Cleaning Service?

To schedule a cleaning service for your bathroom, you can go to our website for the quote and scheduling. You can also call or send us an email. Note that we service the Greater Boston Area, Beacon Hill, Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall, West End, North End, Back Bay, Seaport, Jamaica Plain, South Boston, Brookline, and the surrounding area.

Flexibility and Convenience in Booking

We provide flexibility with all our booked home cleaning services. We offer services in a way that’ll fit your schedule. Simply contact our customer support team if you want any changes in your cleaning services at least 48 hours before your appointment so we can accommodate your needs. We’ll work with what’s best for you and provide the convenience only a top cleaning company can provide.

Easy Online Booking in Minutes

You can easily book our house cleaning services through our online booking system. All you have to do is provide the details of the house cleaning you want to have, whether it’s regular or deep cleaning. Have your schedule within minutes with a few simple clicks.

collage of two images depicting two female Onix cleaners diligently cleaning a shower room

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Contact us today for more information and to book your service.

Reach Out to Our Customer Service Team

You can contact our friendly home cleaning professionals and customer service team.

Contact us at (781) 558-2198 or send an email through Info@OnixCleaning.com for more information about our services.

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We’ve received countless praises about our services since our establishment in 2002.

This helped us continue to improve our house cleaning services and allows us to strive to be the top cleaning company in Boston.

Many customers have recommended our cleaning services to friends and family with our work.

Whether working on a whole house, vacation rental, guest room, or stubborn bathroom, many have commended the amazing job our friendly cleaners have done.

We’ve had many clients who we’ve been handling for years, and we look forward to serving them for the years to come.

We’ve also received praise from the rest of our community over the years, as seen on reviews from Yelp and Google.

We’ve always strived to go above and beyond what other Boston house cleaners can aim for to do a great job cleaning the houses of our valued community members.

We’ve received countless positive reviews on our reliable cleaning services, especially compared to other cleaning companies.

Our friendly house cleaner teams are always prepared to do their job and have been trusted by clients for years.

Each team is supervised to ensure we only provide the best service. We also have our friendly field managers checking on teams and their work.

To ensure that our cleaning company does an amazing job for every home, we have everyone undergo training to address all your cleaning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss the most common questions about our house cleaning service and cleaning team.

Questions About Our Cleaning Process

These are some of the most common questions you might ask while you explore our house cleaning services:

How Long Does the Cleaning Take?

Standard recurring cleaning takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of your bathroom. First-time cleanings can take twice as long. However, it can also depend on the size and number of bathrooms in your home.

Do You Have Eco-Friendly Products?

Some teams can do 100% green cleaning upon request. We also do 100% green cleaning, relying on the power of steam cleaning to disinfect your bathroom.

You can request it during your booking so we can assign a green-cleaning team for your home.

While most green cleaning products can’t remove all harmful bacteria, our team will still strive to use the most appropriate methods to clean your bathrooms with little to no change from our usual service while saving the environment.

Can I Provide the Team With Special Instructions?

Yes, you can provide special instructions in advance via email or phone. Note that cleaners cannot take requests during the time of the job.

What Should I Do if My Service Takes Longer Than Usual?

The standard recurring cleaning for a whole house usually takes around 1 to 2 hours. However, it can also depend on the size of your property.

If your bathroom is included in your package, you may have to factor this in.

However, if it’s only your bathroom, it will depend on the number of bathrooms and the size of each. If you have a time-sensitive deadline, you may contact our office in advance so we can accommodate you.

What if I Just Had Renovation Work Done?

You may contact us regarding post-construction cleaning for these types of situations. Please note that depending on the situation, we might have to provide a different price for this.

What if I Don’t Want to Book Online?

You can call our customer service team or contact Maria at maria@onix.cleaning.

How Do I Reschedule a Cleaning?

If you’re busy on your scheduled day, you can cancel or reschedule your cleaning 48 hours before the scheduled service. We’ll do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Do You Offer Same-Day Booking?

We’re currently not accepting same-day bookings online. We recommend booking the service beforehand to give us time to prepare and ensure that we have a cleaning team available to do the job.

What if I Accidentally Forget About the Service and the Housekeeper Can’t Get In?

You must provide instructions for entering and exiting your property along with parking arrangements.

We suggest providing a backup entrance plan in case you forget. If the housekeepers can’t access the property, 50% of your total service will be assessed if your teams can’t access the premises.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Payments are due on the day of your scheduled service. Our customers usually leave the cash or check on the kitchen counter. However, we also accept credit cards, Venmo and Zelle.

Do You Provide Before and After Pictures?

Our Quality Inspection includes before and after photos for first-time and one-time customers.

These are used for training, promotion of our high-quality standards, and proof of our work performance. However, you can notify us if you don’t want us to take pictures of the work areas in your home.

Can I Leave My Keys With My Cleaner?

Yes, you can leave your keys with the cleaner. We can also install a lockbox at your property at an extra cost of $20. This fee is a one-time payment.

Are Cleaning Teams Trained and Supervised?

Yes, each team member goes through extensive training before working with a client. Each team includes a working team leader to supervise everyone throughout the service. Field managers can also periodically visit your home during service.

How Do I Know What Has Been Cleaned?

Our cleaners have a checklist that they need to work through so we can guarantee that the service is complete. They tick off each task as they complete them. You can be sure that all tasks are completed to the highest of our cleaning company’s standards.

Do I Have to Be Home for the Cleaning?

This is up to you.

However, we recommend being there for the first time cleaning, though it’s okay if you can’t be present.

During your booking, you will be asked for instructions regarding entering and exiting your property along with special parking arrangements we need to follow.

Note that if you leave your keys with the cleaner, Onix Cleaning will not be responsible for any issues. However, we assure you that all our personnel are trusted and will leave your home just as how you left it, only cleaner.


Hiring just an average cleaning company is never an option. You’d want the best cleaning service to have your bathroom clean and spotless. Hiring Onix Cleaning Services can ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Our Commitment to Providing the Best Bathroom Cleaning Service in Boston

Onix has been committed to providing a transparent and seamless experience with our cleaning service.

We aim to make your life easier by providing only the best cleaning results and going the extra mile for every client.

If you’re looking for the best Boston Cleaners, you can rely on Onix to leave your bathroom and whole house looking fantastic.

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