Bedroom Cleaning Checklist – Keep Your Room Tidy!


Maria DeSouza

| Published September 20, 2023

We spend so many hours in our bedrooms. Imagine; you spend 8 hours just sleeping on the bed!

But if you don’t stay on top of the cleaning, you’ll be surrounded by allergens and clutter. This can be unhealthy and stressful.

Having a complete bedroom cleaning checklist can help you keep your room as clean as possible since this ensures you don’t skip any steps.

Keep reading to find a detailed breakdown (plus some tips) on how to clean your room.

The Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

We’ll provide several bedroom cleaning checklists you can use according to what you’re looking for.

Items Needed for Bedroom Cleaning

Before we discuss the bedroom cleaning checklists are the cleaning supplies you’ll need.

  • Vacuum cleaner (ideally with attachments)
  • Microfiber cloths or clean rags
  • Glass cleaner (or make a DIY cleaner with 1:1 water and white vinegar)
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Microfiber mop
  • Baking soda
  • Warm water and mild soap

Step-By-Step Checklist for Regular Bedroom Cleaning

There are five important steps on your cleaning checklist you should always make time for.

  1. Put all clothing where it belongs — whether in the hamper or properly folded/hung in the closet
  2. Declutter and take out the trash
  3. Keep the beddings clean
  4. Dust and vacuum
  5. Wipe down surfaces

Deep Cleaning: A Comprehensive Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Sometimes, your room needs more love and attention than usual. So, below is a deep cleaning checklist you can use.

  1. Declutter and throw trash
  2. Clean furniture pieces, flat surfaces (like walls and baseboards), and fixtures (such as fan blades and light fixtures)
  3. Clean the windows and coverings
  4. Clean mirrors and glass
  5. Wash bed skirts and other linens (this includes curtains and drapes)
  6. Clean the mattress
  7. Clean the floors

Bedroom Cleaning Schedule: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks

Trying to clean your room is no small task. Because of that, you should separate tasks on your cleaning checklist according to how often you should do them.

Below is an example of a daily bedroom cleaning checklist.

  • Remake bed, including straightening throw pillows and blankets
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Clear bedroom clutter and trash
  • Put away clean clothes

Here is a sample weekly bedroom cleaning routine.

  • Sweep or vacuum bedroom floors
  • Wash sheets and pillowcases
  • Dust everything
  • Clean glass surfaces
  • Spot clean stains (if needed)
  • Take out the trash
  • Change the sheets and pillowcases
  • Disinfect light switches and door handles

There are also monthly or seasonal tasks to note when you deep clean a room.

  • Wash comforters, blankets, cushions
  • Shake out rugs
  • Wipe down walls and baseboards
  • Clean windows, light fittings, and light fixtures

Detailed Breakdown of the Checklist

Let’s examine the finer details of what a bedroom deep cleaning checklist should contain.

detailed breakdown of the checklist

Dusting and Decluttering

Remove trash and clutter. You can also go through all your drawers and closets at this time.

If anything is out of place, put it back where it belongs. If you see things that shouldn’t be in your bedroom, put them in a container and set them aside.

Once you’ve decluttered, you can dust the surfaces with a damp cloth. Reach for the light switches, ceiling fans, and door handles.

After you dust everything, vacuum the floor.

Cleaning With Specific Tools and Cleaners

Match the right products to what they’re meant to clean for the best results.

For instance, dusting spray traps dust and other allergens, making them easier to pick up.

Meanwhile, a carpet cleaning machine can get deeper into carpet fibers than a vacuum. This is great for when you deep clean the floor.

All-purpose cleaners are great for everything — from furniture to the walls. However, remember to read the directions to ensure they’re safe for the surfaces you plan to use them on.

Organizing Clean and Dirty Clothes

Sort through the clothes that have been scattered around your room.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper or bring them straight to the laundry room. Refold or rehang clean laundry in the closet.

If you think everything still looks cluttered, decide which items you’ll keep and which you’re willing to let go of.

Don’t put those items on your bed or the floor. Instead, put them in a separate box and figure out whether you’ll dispose of them, sell them, or donate them.

Cleaning Bedroom Furniture and Fixtures: Curtains, Mirrors, Windows Etc.

Use good furniture polish and a microfiber cloth to give your furniture surfaces some shine.

Don’t forget to dust and shine other parts of the bedroom that can get dirty too, like:

  • Picture frames
  • Window treatments
  • Light bulbs

Clean your air filters if needed. Don’t forget to clean parts of the bed too, like the posts and headboard.

Deep Cleaning Bedding: Sheets, Mattress, Pillows, Etc.

Take off all your bed linens, including the duvet and mattress cover. You can have these machine-washed, but you can also wash them by hand if they don’t fit in the washing machine.

Either way, you should also know the appropriate methods to wash bed sheets according to the material.

The same applies to quilts. In general, the proper cleaning method for quilts is to wash them gently in the washing machine.

However, check for colorfastness first — if the color runs when the textile is wet, you may need to ask a professional laundry cleaner to wash the quilts for you.

You can toss your pillowcases in the washing machine too, but you should also learn the correct method to wash pillowcases according to what they’re made of.

After taking care of the covers, you can turn your attention to the pillows and mattresses.

To know the proper methods of washing pillows, always check the care label first.

If you’re having trouble removing persistent urine odors from mattresses, leaving a generous spread of baking soda on the mattress for at least 8 hours is a good start.

Even if you’re not removing the smell of urine, let the mattress air for at least 30 minutes before making the bed again.

Tips for Efficient Bedroom Cleaning

Trying to clean your bedroom is no small task, so you might need some tips or detailed guidance on bedroom cleaning to get the job done.

Creating a Cleaning Routine

The more used you get to cleaning the room, the more efficient you’ll be.

Find a good deep-cleaning checklist that makes sense for you, and see how you can divide the steps into tasks you can do on a daily or weekly basis.

Doing so prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by everything you’ll have to do.

From there, the most important thing is to just start. Later on, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can finish some tasks (like putting aside clutter and making the bed).

How to Handle Bedroom Cleaning for Larger or More Complex Rooms

Separate bigger tasks into smaller, more bite-sized tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed — especially if you want to deep clean rather than do just regular cleaning.

On top of that, there are several other ways to make cleaning larger rooms more bearable.

  • Listen to music or an audiobook
  • Turn on the TV
  • Set a time limit to see how long it takes for you to complete tasks
  • Set up a rewards system

Making Bedroom Cleaning a Family Event: Involving Kids in the Process

If you don’t live alone or still feel like you can handle the deep cleaning checklist by yourself, you can make it a family event! This teaches your kids to also be mindful of cleanliness as they grow older — not to mention it will save time.

Your kid can have a small wastebasket where they can throw their trash. Or, you can teach them how to dust the dresser tops and furniture.

You can teach them how to fold T-shirts, make the bed, or clean floors with a mop! Involving your kids will make going through your bedroom cleaning checklist faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to wait until spring cleaning to tackle your messy room!

If you have more questions on how to clean your bedroom, we’ll answer some of them below.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Bedroom?

You should ideally deep clean your bedroom every three months.

However, daily and weekly bedroom cleaning can help you stay ahead of the clutter and dirt, and can be accomplished in just minutes. You can also look into making deep cleaning checklists, too.

Thanks to that, you won’t have such a hard time during deep cleaning sessions.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Bedroom?

A 12ft x 12ft room can take around 2 hours to deep clean.

Regular cleaning is much faster, and can change according to how many tasks are on your checklist.

What Tools or Products Are Needed for an Efficient Bedroom Cleaning?

You should have the right products to aid in your deep cleaning tasks.

Microfiber cloth
Vacuum with attachments
Broom and dustpan
All-purpose cleaner
Glass cleaner

Can I Include My Children in the Cleaning Process? If So, How?

Yes, you can include your children in the cleaning process. Just make sure to find tasks that are easy for them to do.

For instance, ask them to toss the duvet cover in the washing machine and teach them how to put on fresh sheets and make the bed.

If you have a good organization system in place, tell your kids where to put certain things — like remote controls and other knick-knacks.

You can also show them how to dust furniture properly.

Are There Any Recommended Cleaning Products for Allergen Reduction in Bedrooms?

Yes, certain cleaning products can reduce allergens in the bedroom.

Dust wipes
Unscented cleaners
Natural products
Steam cleaners


The bedroom is your personal space where you spend lots of time.

Regular and deep cleaning checklists can help keep your room clean and hygienic. You can download and use the checklists we’ve provided above.

You can even make cleaning a family affair. This teaches your kids basic tasks like putting away clean clothes, sweeping up dirt, and wiping dust.

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