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Living Room Cleaning Service in Boston

People often occupy your living room, whether you have a gathering with guests or hanging out with the family on a Friday night. Over time, your simple dusting and vacuuming wouldn’t suffice in eliminating dust, grime, and germ buildup. You’d need to hire a professional to get the work done right.

Are you wondering which Boston house cleaning company is the most reliable and trustworthy?

Why You Need a Professional Living Room Cleaning Service

Each client has their own story, and we help alleviate some of their worries by professionally cleaning their humble home. Whether you’re busy with work or your space is difficult to clean. Onix Cleaning can easily get your cleaning chores done in no time.

Services and know how we can help you get your living room extremely clean. There’s no project too big or too difficult for our team of motivated cleaners who want to make a change in our community.

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Sometimes, regular cleaning isn’t enough, especially in a space often occupied by the household and possible guests.

Getting a professional to deep clean your living room is a great way to ensure your family is healthy and safe from dust and germ buildup.

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Onix Cleaning Services
Experts on Living Room Cleaning

Our Expertise in Living Room Cleaning Service in Boston

Out of the many cleaning companies in Boston, home cleaning is usually associated with our company, especially with our high-quality job. We are a team of expert house cleaners trained and prepared to have your house cleaned in no time.

Whether it’s maid service, deep cleaning, or any other house cleaning service you wish to avail of, you can rely on our expertise to get the job done.

Here’s everything you must know about our expertise in living room cleaning and how our company can deliver the best cleaning solutions in Boston right to your doorstep.

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Our Cleaning Methodology

With every cleaning and maid service you book with our company, you are ensured that our team will work thoroughly to make your living room SPOTLESS.

Our methodology includes following a checklist of things we need to work on. We tick everything as we go, cleaning every inch of your house step by step.

We highly recommend that you communicate openly and clearly with our team, especially when giving instructions, so we can meet your preferences and expectations.

walkthrough is performed at the beginning and end of each appointment to set clear expectations between you and your assigned cleaner.

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High-Quality Equipment and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

All our cleaners are equipped with the best supplies to ensure they do a very thorough job in every session.

They’re FULLY LOADED with cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, rags, mops, and other cleaning products needed to get your house clean.

We also offer eco-friendly alternatives upon request, so you can get a clean house without harming the environment.

While eco-friendly cleaning supplies are quite different from commercial ones, our team is trained to handle all the dirty work in the best way possible. Regardless of the products they use, we assure you that every corner of your living room looks spotless!

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Experience and Professionalism of Our Boston-Based Cleaning Team

Our cleaning team undergoes thorough background checks before training to become experts in the field. The cleaning skills of each candidate are assessed before we prepare them to tackle any dirty work.

We invest in our teams to ensure they’re well-trained, especially with operating new equipment and products and utilizing advanced methods.
Our rigorous selection and recruitment process ensures that we only get the most motivated and best cleaners to work on your Boston house.
We highly consider the areas you want us to focus on, especially if it’s vital in cleaning your space.

Each customer has different standards, and we try to be FLEXIBLE and meet all of these in every appointment.

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Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure that we only deliver the best when it comes to cleaning, whether it’s a house or a new apartment.
Each team member is motivated to go above and beyond when working on a client’s house.

We also believe that treating your property like our own is one of our best practices, guaranteeing that we do a great job cleaning.

We take care of your home like how we would take care of ours, ensuring that each one is NEAT and READY to keep you and your family comfortable until the next home cleaning.

Every appointment booked with Onix Cleaning only guarantees the best for the members of our community.

Living Room Cleaning Service in boston

Our Unique Approach to Cleaning Living Room

We ensure that our team produces GREAT RESULTS in every house we work on. Our cleaners are trained to sweep and wipe every nook and cranny of the living room in each cleaning session.

Our living room cleaning includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Our Variety of Services: More Than Just Living Room Cleaning

A Comparison of Our Cleaning Methods


What Sets Our Living Room Cleaning Service Apart

You might wonder, “Why choose Onix Cleaning in Boston?”

We’ve been known in our community for years, especially for how well we do with cleaning. Here are the common things that set our professional cleaning service apart from other companies

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Our Guarantee: Superior Cleaning Service

As an award-winning house cleaning service, we pride ourselves on our HIGHLY-RATED home cleaning services in Boston.

We ensure that we’re all trained to turn your house neat and spotless, whether it’s regular cleaning or a deep clean for your space.

Over the years, we’ve stood out against many house cleaning services in Boston because of the superiority of our job among others.

Whether moving to a new apartment, hiring a maid service, or getting a deep clean for your home, you can rely on Onix Cleaning to care for your Boston house.

With Onix Cleaning, your satisfaction is not just our goal, but our commitment.

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Convenience and
Easy Booking

Thanks to our online booking system, you can easily book a living room and home cleaning appointment with us in minutes. It makes booking convenient, especially since you can do it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Simply complete our online form on our website, and we’ll contact you to confirm your appointment.

If you don’t want to book online, contact our customer service team at (781) 558-2198 for assistance.

You can even email us your phone number at so our team can contact you as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for trustworthy cleaning services in Boston, you can count on Onix Cleaning to provide all your house cleaning needs.

Reviews and Testimonials from Happy Boston Customers

Our company has received numerous 5-star ratings and positive reviews on Google, Facebook, AngiesList, and Thumbtack. They’ve constantly commended our outstanding job every time we work on their property.

Our house cleaning service has been RECOMMENDED by our clients to friends, family, and colleagues because of our cleaners’ excellent job in making their homes spotless. 

Even tourists who temporarily stay in houses or apartments we serviced have commended us for the incredible job and exceptional results we deliver.

It gave them more time to enjoy the rich history of Boston without worrying about cleaning.

Allows our clients to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant experience of Boston.


Contact Us for a Free Quote

Interested in booking a session with our cleaning company?

You can easily get a free quote from our website without any obligations or extra charges required.

Simply visit our website and fill out the form provided. It will include the type of cleaning you’re looking for, the area of your house or apartment, and your contact details.

You can customize it according to your budget and needs by discussing it with our personnel.

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Ease of Contact for Potential Clients

You can easily contact us and book your cleaning through our website at

Book, reschedule, or cancel your appointments through our website anytime, anywhere.

You can also call us at 781-558-2198 or email us at Our phone lines are open from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. You can get the free quote within minutes, along with detailed costs.

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Our Promise: Transparency and Affordable Rates

To build trust between our team and our customers, we ensure that we’re 100% transparent regarding fees and inclusions for our services.

We also ensure that our rates are affordable based on the job we do and the products we use.

All pricing is upfront with NO HIDDEN COSTS, so you know how much each job is worth.
You’re guaranteed to only get the best for your money’s value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard recurring service usually lasts between 1 to 2 hours on average.

However, factors like the size of the property and the materials within the space can affect the duration of each session. 

Our first-time cleanings, on the other hand, usually take twice as long to ensure we get every spot clean.

We only provide residential cleaning appointments from Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, we try not to book cleaning services on weekends to allow our staff to rest, enjoy and maintain a good work-life balance while employed with us.

However, our website is available 24/7 for ordering, rescheduling, and canceling services.

You can also contact our friendly staff from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, for additional questions and special requests.

All our workers follow a checklist to guarantee that they turn all the corners of your home spotless. They tick the tasks off as soon as they’re complete to make everything systematic. 

This helps ensure that every nook and cranny is cleaned and satisfies the HIGHEST Onix Cleaning standard.

Each team works with a leader who supervises them on-site. They perform quality checks after every cleaning service to guarantee that there are no missed spots and that the checklist is followed.

Sometimes, a field manager will visit your home during the session to assess the quality of work and ensure that you only get THE BEST possible service from our cleaning company.

We’ve been developing our home cleaning services since 2002, and to this day, our team is still constantly innovating our cleaning solutions to provide the best results for our clients.

Since our establishment, we’ve been known for our award-winning services and professionalism compared to any other cleaning company in Boston, Massachusetts.

You’re even guaranteed that we can do a fabulous job, thanks to our 50+ point inspection and custom specifications based on your property’s profile.
Over the years, our clients vouch for our expertise because they’re confident that we consistently do a wonderful job, specifically with our cleaning services.

We aim to make a difference in people’s lives, regardless of how busy life can get. Ensuring that your space is clean with our help gives you MORE TIME to attend to other important things in life.


Taking extra care of your living room and whole house can take a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, you can easily hire Onix Cleaning to get your house cleaning done for you. We will streamline your cleaning chores and turn your humble home neat and spotless with our TOP-NOTCH solutions and well-trained team. 

You can book an appointment with us whether you’re looking for a professional Boston maid service or reliable cleaning services. Simply visit our website or contact us at 781-558-2198 and avail yourself of our innovative, all-around home cleaning services.

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